1. AdmissiontoclassesII–IV willbetakenagainstchance vacancies at the beginning of the school year.
  2. A candidate who has attended a recognized school may be admitted only with a Transfer Certificate from the school she has last attended.
  3. For fresh admission a Birth Certificate should accompany the application. No change in the name and date of birth is permitted later.
  4. Every child on admission must be introduced personally by the parents or one who will be responsible to the Headmistress for her well being, conduct and fees. They will be examined on the syllabus of the class immediately bellow that to which they seek admission.
  5. The admission form must be filled with utmost possible accuracy. No changes thereafter will be accepted.


  1. A transfer certificate will be issued only on receipt of a written application signed by both the parents and personally handed over to the Headmistress by the parents of the student. It will be issued a week after the submission of the application.
  2. A student, who has taken T.C, except in the case of transfer of residence, will not be Re-admitted to the school.
  3. Before withdrawing a student from the school a calendar month's notice in writing is to be given and an advance of three month's fees to be paid.
  4. No school leaving certificate is issued until all dues to the school have been cleared.
  5. A transfer certificate may be provided at any point of time provided, her fees of 12 calendar months have been paid.
  6. Those who take T.C after the month of March are required to clear the whole years' fees.
    No certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.
  7. A fee of Rs. 100/- should be paid for the T.C and any certificate from the school will cost Rs. 50/-
  8. Students may be dismissed under strict discipline in the following circumstances:-
    a) Irregularattendance/absenteeism.
    b) Non-submissionofleaveapplication.
    c) Insubordination.
    d) Laziness or disobedience in the class.
    e) Serious misconduct within/outside the school premises that is injurious to the moral tone of the school.
  9. The Headmistress decision is final in all cases of dismissal or withdrawal.