1. The support and collaboration of parents in all cases is considered indispensable for the success of the work of education carried out by the school.

Parents' POSITIVE CO-OPERATION with the school is absolutely essential for the constructive up-bringing of their daughters. They are strongly exhorted to co- operate with the school:

a) By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in their attendance.

b)By checking the school diary on regular basis by seeing that their words are diligent at their home work and lessons.

c) By not engaging private tutors without consulting the school authorities.


d)  By insisting on neatness and cleanliness in their Text and exercise books and personal appearance.

e)  By following up the reports which keep them informed and their diligence in studies and their behavior in school.

f)  By occasionally interviewing the headmistress/ teacherstodiscussthe meansaboutgraterprogress in their children's studies and all round growth and development.

g)  By seeing that their wards enter daily in the diary the lessons given.

h)  By encouraging the children to participate in activities conducted by the school

By attending the Parents- Teacher meeting organized by the school authorities.

  1. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their wards during class hours.

  2. Parents are requested to make complaints if any, to the Headmistress and not the class teacher. No parent should visit teachers' houses on school business.

  3. Parents are not allowed to interact with the teachers in their respective classrooms during the teaching hours. Parent/guardian cannot meet any teacher without prior appointment with the teacher in writing and getting it counter signed by the Headmistress. (Use the contact page in the calendar) No parent is permitted to enter the classroom.

  4. Parents may meet teachers after the school hours on Friday only. Parents need to inform the respective teacher two days in advance through their ward. (Use the contact page in the calendar )

  5. Admittance into the school premises is at the sole discretion of the school authorities who reserve to themselves the right to refuse admission to any one without assigning any reason whatsoever. Guardians of our students must produce students escort card at the gate.

  6. Electronic gadgets, cell phones, digital watches and diaries, toys, video games, pen drives, PSDs, DVDs, CDs, portable audio video devices are forbidden in the school. Such items brought to school will be confiscated, and the students suspendedfromattending theclassforaperiod of one week.

  7. Use of mobiles by the parents in the school campus is forbidden. The mobile has to be switched off at the gate.

  8. Exemplary behaviour is expected from students and parents in the school campus and outside the school campus.

Though the school takes care of the students, while in the school,theschoolcannotbeheldresponsiblefor anyself inflicted or accidental mishap/injury, physical or otherwise, that may befall on your ward.

  1. Parents/guardians cannot either dictate to the school authorities as to the process of admission/ dismissal of studentsor interferewiththeschooladministration.

  2. Private tuition is strictly discouraged. Parents are advised not to approach the teachers of their wards for any tuition or special classes without the prior permission of the Headmistress.

  3. Parents/guardians if found threatening the school by various methods, by labeling malicious or spreading false information, which tends to bring disrepute to the school or to its employees; or causing panic among them, might result in issuing of Transfer Certificate to their wards from the school.