1. The new academic year begins in January.

  2. Regular and punctual attendance is insisted upon. The purpose of regular attendance is to inculcate in the students traits of punctuality, regularity and academic discipline. To be eligible for promotion, a student should haveaminimum of 80%attendance.

  1. Attendance of the students is compulsory during celebrations and activities of the school.

  2. Every bandh/strike which does not allow us to have classes on that day will be followed by having the classes on a Saturday marked as a holiday.

  3. The first Saturday, which will be a working day for all classes; nevertheless the school may be kept open for reasonsofstudy,tests,competitionsand celebrations.

  4. If at any time due to disturbance/ unrest / bandh / violence

    a) The school remains closed on that day, (not a publicholiday)tobemadeupbythe following Saturday marked as a holiday.

    b) The Exam gets cancelled on that day. That exam willbescheduledon thefollowingSaturday-which is marked as a holiday.